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Back Massage

Swedish Full Body Massage

Promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being. Swedish massage has many benefits including relieving muscular tension, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, and soothing the mind. The massage and pressure is adapted to suit your individual needs whether you need an area-specific deeper massage or you would like a lighter calming massage to soothe away stress.

£38 (1 hour)
£50 (90 min)

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

Aromatherapy oils are used to suit your specific needs whether you want to feel relaxed, uplifted, or treat a problem such as stress, depression or bad digestion.

£40 (1 hour)
£52 (90 min)

Hot Stone Therapy Full Body Massage

A deeply relaxing treatment that uses heated basalt stones to massage the body. The warmth from the stones calms the mind and induces a state of deep relaxation; the heat also relaxes the muscles allowing us to work deeper within the muscle tissue to remove muscular tension and stress.

£45 (1 hour)
£55 (90 min)

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head massage has been practised for thousands of years. It is a very therapeutic and relaxing treatment that includes the upper arms, shoulders, neck, face and scalp.

£35 (40 min)

Swedish Back Neck & Shoulder Massage

Eases muscular tension and pain in the back, neck and shoulders and relieves stress. The massage techniques and pressure is adapted to suit your needs to ensure you get the most out of your treatment.

£30 (30 min)
£35 (40 min)
£40 (60 min)

Hot Stone Therapy Back Neck & Shoulder Massage.

Hot Stone Massage

A deeply relaxing massage using heated basalt stones. The massage techniques and pressure are adapted to suit your individual needs, to leave you feeling relaxed and pampered.
£35 (30 min)
£40 (40 min)
£45 (60 min)

Soothing Face, Scalp, & Shoulder Massage.

This relaxing massage concentrates on the face, neck, scalp and shoulders to alleviate tension and relax the muscles. The gentle movements on the face and neck help to tone the muscles, increase blood flow to the skin and aid lymphatic drainage to leave your skin looking radiant. Includes a gentle facial cleanse to remove any make up and impurities before the treatment.

£30 (30 min)

Hand & Arm Massage

£30 (30 min)

Foot & Leg Massage

£30 (30 min)